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The Creation Processes of visual artists usually take place behind ‘locked doors’, and are presented in the public space only after they have been completed. ‘Altelier On Wheels’ aims to make these processes more accessible. With the project ‘Atelier On Wheels’, I would like to set up my atelier as a mobile artist studio. This should enable me to practice and present my artistic practice not only in a localised way, but limitlessly. But this project is not only meant to support my own practise. The project is intented to be a portable workshop area that can collaborate with museums, galeries, exhibitions spaces, kindergarden, schools, hospitals, project homes and wijkhuisen. It can host workshops for children, teenagers, families...actually for everybody whos is interestend in art from disabled people to professionals. In a long term perspective, the mobile studio is intended to facilitate collaborations between artists and above all to create a cross-border platform for creative thinking and work, which ultimately finds its way back into the local exhibition spaces with little effort. Furthermore the focus here is not on making a profit, but this project is intended to enrich the region and the world artistically, that is, culturally.

The planning for the coming year currently consists of 3 parts: planning and preparation; inspiration and work; postprocessing and result; the whole project is thus till end of 2019/ beginning 2020. The first section ‘planning and preparation’ will mainly consist of the search for a suitable vehicle, the theoretical preparation and search for concrete collaboration partners and the reconstruction/ the renovation phase of the vehicle. The vehicle must fulfill various aspects and is of course to be converted into a satisfactory and above all functional studio. Heat, air and lighting conditions and the workshop area must be well thought out and functionally produced. In addition, the studio must have a clever and, during the ride, safe storage option for completed works of art that will be mainly paintings and drawings. To conclude this process, a presentation will be held to present the interim results. Stay tuned via social media for dates and events!

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